George Zimmerman wants to meet with Trayvon Martin's parents.

During a one-on-one interview Wednesday, attorney Mark O'Mara revealed Zimmerman wants to meet with the family of the 17-year-old he shot and killed in February.

O'Mara did not explain why his client wants the meeting, but said is that if it were to happen, it would be private -- just Zimmerman and Trayvon's parents, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton.

"I've talked a couple of times about the conversation that, hopefully, will occur directly to the Martin family, a private conversation," said O'Mara. "To the community, I think he would just say don't prejudge him."

In the weeks leading up to April 11, when Zimmerman was arrested for second-degree murder, O'Mara said his client was in hiding. The worldwide attention and high emotion attached to the Trayvon Martin shooting made him and his family fear for their safety.

O'Mara said many people have already made up their minds about the night Trayvon Martin was killed. That's why he has not ruled out the case could be tried outside Central Florida.

"I've said that we would have a very tough time picking a jury in this case in Seminole County tomorrow," he said. "Now, a year from now, 18 months from now, when this case may be ready for trial, we will check. You know, we can get a pulse of the community at that point. So I don't want to pre-empt the possibility of it being tried in Seminole County."

Zimmerman's lawyer said the case is something talked about at the dinner table, at coffee shops and even by President Barack Obama. O'Mara said he has not looked at all of the evidence yet, but urged people to leave their opinions outside of the courtroom.

"I think having the conversations are great and necessary for us to continue to grow as a community, as a society. If this case caused some of those conversations, great," said O'Mara said. "However, now that those conversations have begun, they should occur within their arena. They should not, in fact, de-weigh the way the criminal justice system works."

We will continue to see that system at work with Zimmerman's bond hearing, scheduled for Friday. If he does receive bond, O'Mara said there are questions about Zimmerman's family's ability to pay. He said they are a family of modest means, but a legal fund would be set up to assist with those.


Judge steps down, new judge assigned

Circuit Judge Jessica Recksiedler removed herself Wednesday afternoon from further proceedings in case against George Zimmerman.

Attorney Mark O'Mara argued many reasons why Recksiedler should step down, but his main argument was that her husband works in the office of attorney Mark NeJame.

Zimmerman's family had asked NeJame to represent him, creating the conflict. NeJame declined, but he is now covering the case for CNN.

Judge Kenneth R. Lester Jr. will now preside over the case.

Chief Judge Alan Dickey issued the following statement regarding the reassignment of this case:

"Even though Judge Recksiedler had to grant the motion for disqualification in this case, she is very capable of presiding over this or any other criminal case, and I have complete confidence in Judge Lester as well."