George Zimmerman's new attorney is ready to fight for his client.

Speaking on the Trayvon Martin case for the first time on national television, attorney Hal Uhrig said Zimmerman had every right to carry a gun the night he shot and killed the 17-year-old in Sanford.

Uhrig appeared on CNN Wednesday night along with Martin family's attorney, Benjamin Crump, who said Zimmerman should not have been carrying a gun as a neighborhood watch volunteer.

But Uhrig pointed out: "He's licensed to carry that gun, and by the way, he's legally entitled to defend himself."

Uhrig also backed Zimmerman's claim that he shot Trayvon Martin in self-defense after the teen attacked him:

"The reason that Trayvon Martin is dead is not because he was black, or because he wore a hoodie, or because he was walking in the rain. It's because that 6-foot-3 young man made a terrible decision and a bad judgment when he decided to smack somebody in the face and break their nose, jump on them and smack their head into the ground, and in doing that, put him in reasonable fear for his safety."

Uhrig blamed the numerous rallies in Sanford and around the country for the idea that racial profiling was a factor in the shooting.

Before the shooting, he said Sanford was a peaceful community, and it wasn't until "little rallies and irresponsible speeches" that racial profilng even became an issue.

Regarding claims that Zimmerman was ordered by 911 dispatchers to stop following Trayvon, Uhrig said it's all been spun, and the dispatcher simply told Zimmerman they did not need him to do that.

He added that there's been some dispute over what happened with the gun that night, and we would learn more about that later in the state of Florida's investigation.