George Zimmerman's defense team received another batch of discovery evidence from state prosecutors, and they should be released to the public soon.

Defense attorney Mark O'Mara confirmed the delivery early Friday on his website for Zimmerman's case. According to O'Mara, the defense received seven CDs and hundreds of pages of new documents.

"It includes surveillance video, police radio transmissions, crime scene photos, 911 calls Mr. Zimmerman made prior to the night of the shooting, and more," said O'Mara. "The documents include a crime scene diagram and additional reports from the Sanford Police Department, FDLE and the FBI."

Witnesses include the owner of the Shoot Straight gun shop and shooting range.

The cell phone records of Trayvon Martin’s father, Zimmerman's MySpace account, and emails from Zimmerman and former Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee.

It’s the latest tip to the iceberg of evidence the state will be presenting against Zimmerman, who is charged with second-degree murder in Martin's death.

The second round of discovery from prosecutors out of Jacksonville will begin to flow Monday morning.

The first to be released will reveal 151 jailhouse phone calls to Zimmerman.

However, late Friday afternoon, O’Mara notified he would be filing a motion to block all but six of the phone calls.

All in all, seven compact discs and hundreds of pages of documents are set to be released by the state in a redacted version.

Friday was exactly one month since O’Mara received the first round of evidence in the case against his client, the self-professed shooter of Martin.

It’s expected that the state will have to re-release redacted information from the original round of discovery per an order from Judge Kenneth Lester.

It was revealed Thursday night that O'Mara will use Zimmerman's bond agents for his upcoming hearing, which is scheduled for Friday, June 29.

Employees from Magic Bail Bonds are expected to vouch for Zimmerman's behavior as he fights to get out of jail yet again.

Zimmerman was locked back up in the Seminole County Jail after his bond was revoked following the discovery that his wife, Shellie Zimmerman, lied about how much money the couple had during her husband's initial bond hearing in April.

Shellie was arrested earlier this week for perjury. She bonded out of jail shortly after her arrest.