The surveillance cameras installed around downtown Tampa in advance of the Republican National Convention have been a hot topic.

So hot, in fact, the cameras have been debated, protested and as of today, the subject of a city council outburst.

The cameras, and their future, were a topic of discussion during today's city council meeting.

The city plans to leave the 60 cameras in place.

Today's meeting was a chance for the public to respond to that idea. Some have argued the cameras should stay while others have said the cameras should be moved to more crime-heavy parts of town. Still others say the cameras are an invasion of privacy and should be removed completely.

One man in attendance was not pleased the idea of keeping the cameras was even up for debate.

"The people don't want it," the man shouted at the council as he walked out of the meeting. "Start doing your jobs. Because if I go around and start taking them down, I'll be the one serving the public...but I'll go to jail, won't I?"

No decision was made today regarding the future of the cameras.