For years, Hillsborough County has been looking for a way to end chronic homelessness and with the idea of giving those in need homes first, they believe Cypress Landing is the place to start.

“This is a model. This is a model that helps to solve a problem,” said Hillsborough County commissioner Sandy Murman.

The apartment style living for the homeless is a first of its kind in the county. Thanks to Mental Health Care Gracepoint, “Steps Forward” and both public and private donors; people who’ve been on the streets for more than a year and have a mental disability will now have a place to live and a place to get the services they need.

“If they’re having a tough time at night, there’s someone that’ll answer the phone or come down and talk to them. We’ll help them get through the system to get their needs met so they can be individuals in our community giving back,” said Jenine LeCoe of Mental Health Care Gracepoint.

The 24-unit apartment building was funded with $2 million from the federal government. It’s completely furnished and ready to move in.

Officials say while it’s only 24 they can get off the street for now, they’re looking forward to changing the lives of many more.

“We’re taking a small step but it’s a big step forward to what we need to do to solve the problem of homelessness in Hillsborough County,” said Murman.

The goal is to not only give homeless in Hillsborough County a home but also give them hope.

Commissioner Murman said they want to open 500 units within the next five years for homeless in the community.