The gun shop inside Bill Jackson's in Pinellas Park has been busy with customers looking to buy guns and learn how to use them.

It's all in the wake of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn.

A lot of people are learning how to use their guns and are signing up in droves to take gun safety classes.

"It used to be we'd fill up a week or two weeks prior to a class," Jackson said. "Now our next available class is March 30th."

Owner Bill Jackson believes the media is one of the driving factors in increased sales.

"Everyime they run an article about people being attacked or whatever, people feel that police can't be there all the time," Jackson said. "They want to have a means of defending themselves. We have more and more people coming in and saying 'I would never have a gun in my house. I need to get a gun and learn how to use it.'"

Jennifer Thomas took one of the classes and wanted to learn the right way to use a gun.

"Definitely gun safety, and the appropriate way to use my gun. And thing to do and not to do," Thomas said.

Jackson said another thing that's not really being talked about in the gun debate is locking guns up in gun safes. Jackson believes a lot of shootings could be prevented if people actually do it.

"The gun safes themselves will help to protect that," Jackson said. "Every household that has children must have the guns locked up by law currently."

It seems for the moment, the gun debate isn't going anywhere and is sure to be a hot topic as the nation continues the gunĀ conversation.

Bill Jackson's is now booking gun safety classes for the end of March and April. For more information visit Bill Jackson's website.