A jury recommended the death penalty for a Citrus County man found guilty of using a hatchet to kill his father.

The jury came back with the recommendation Tuesday against John William Campbell, who was found guilty last week in an Inverness courtroom.

Campbell, 39, was found guilty of first-degree murder in the death of John Henry Campbell, 68.

According to Bay News 9's partner newspaper the Citrus County Chronicle, it took jurors less than an hour to return with the recommendation to Circuit Court Judge Ric Howard. The vote was 8-4 in favor of death.

Howard could impose death or choose life without parole for John William Campbell.

Campbell admitted he killed his father in August 2010, but his attorneys argued that he did not scheme to kill him and cover it up. They blamed the act on the younger Campbell's depression and use of crack cocaine.

Campbell’s attorneys called it a "pressure-cooker" situation brought on by a controlling and distant father and said the younger Campbell simply snapped. Father and son shared a double-wide home in Inverness.

A series of hearings will be scheduled to allow the defense to present opportunities as to why Campbell’s life should be spared.