Out of state weather conditions have affected the price of lettuce in the Bay area, leaving some store owners to absorb higher costs or hike up their prices.

Dan Murphy is the owner of Murphy’s Market in Spring Hill. He says romaine lettuce is up two and a half times its normal price and the price of iceberg has doubled.

“There is very little of it out there now because a lot of it got hurt,” Murphy said.

A freeze out west earlier this month in places like Calif. and Ariz. damaged the lettuce crop. Earlier, supply was low so prices have been increasing. Items like broccoli, cauliflower and onions are more expensive too. Unfortunately Murphy has to pass the price increase on to his customers.

“I try to do the best I can price wise and all,” Murphy said.

The prices are putting a dent in the bottom line at Slice of Life Pizzeria in Spring Hill.

Emanual Rivera is the manager and says they’re absorbing the cost increase instead of passing it on to customers.

“We have a set menu price and we have to keep it at that,” Rivera said.

Officials with the Arizona Farm Bureau say the prices should start to level out in a few weeks.