After you open all your Christmas gifts, be careful throwing out those empty boxes, especially for big-ticket items. Putting them out to the curb can tip off thieves on what hot new toy Santa brought you.

The Sanford Police Department sent out a reminder Thursday that this time of year, thieves aren't just scoping your house; they're also looking in your trash.

To help you safely dispose of your empty gift boxes, Sanford police, along with Walmart and Waste Pro, are setting up temporary recycling locations around the city to encourage residents to dispose of their big-gift boxes in a safe spot.

"Empty boxes are a billboard to thieves advertising what is inside your home," said Sanford police Chief Cecil Smith. "The best way to get rid of holiday boxes is to drop them off at a recycling center."

"If recycling is not an option, conceal your boxes as best you can," Smith added. "Break them down and rip them up before putting them in the trash."

The recycling containers will be available from Dec. 23–Jan. 6 at three locations:

Police added illegal dumping at these sites will not be tolerated; only cardboard boxes are allowed.