Pop star Beyonce sold nearly a million copies of her self-titled album in a matter of days. The visual tracks were such a flawlessly kept secret that her producers didn't even know when the album would drop.

One of "Queen Bey"'s music video producers lives in the Bay area and says he was given the opportunity of a lifetime.

Gibbs High School and USF alumni Shane Brown and his company Sigma Bull Productions produced Beyonce's video "Heaven," and just like the rest of the world he was surprised when the album dropped and included his work.

"I actually didn't know what she was doing," said Brown. "With that being said, I thought I had the opportunity of a lifetime to just say I got to produce a music video for Beyonce. That's huge, that's incredible."

Brown said he only had 24 hours to pull together a 50-person team to fly to Puerto Rico for the shoot.

"It was just crazy," said Brown. "It was like a madhouse within 24 hours contacting, getting equipment and people. It was crazy and amazing."

Brown got his start producing for Enrique Iglesias and Lil' Wayne, but this is the first time he's featured in the credits for Beyonce as the lone producer.

Brown has moved his production from Los Angeles, California to St. Petersburg and plans to open the door for more Bay area talent.

"I know there's so much talent here, talent in this market and I want to bring my style, my flavor, my credibility to this market because I know that we can do it,” said Brown.