With Valentine's Day behind us, hopefully love is still in the air for everyone.

It definitely is for a couple in Manatee County.

"We're married," said Vivian Hirshberg, 93.  "We'll be married until we die."

Vivian and her 96-year-old husband, Norman, are celebrating 75 years of marriage.

The couple met more than 80 years ago when they lived down the street from each other in McKeesport, Pennsyvania.  

After saying I do on march 14th 1938, they moved to Bradenton, where they have lived ever since.  

"As far as I'm concerned we had a good life all the way," said Norman.

Vivian was a stay at home mom and Norman owned several women's clothing stores including one in downtown Bradenton called the Cotton Shop.

He also owned Campers Outpost and Hirsh Yachts in Bradenton.  

The couple admits it hasn't always been easy.

But, said they've always taken their vows seriously.

"It's just we made our minds up that we were going to stick it out," said Vivian.  "Of course there were times where we didn't want to stick it out, but we did."

So what's the secret to their success?

They said: having three children, traveling and living close to their families.

They also said keeping a sense of humor has always been important.

The couple's family is planning a big anniversary party for them next month.