The United States Department of Transportation is hosting a bicycle safety summit in Tampa on Thursday.

The city has been chosen as one of only two locations to host a major safety summit.

“It’s really cool because Tampa is actually starting to really grow into its own as a cycling community and you know gaining its identity,” said Kevin Craft, City Bike Tampa.

City Bike Tampa is an all service bicycle shop that is right in the middle of downtown Tampa.

All along Bayshore Boulevard you will find recreational cyclists. Craft said the city is also transitioning into a place where people use their bikes to get from A to B.

“Making sure there are clean routes for people to safely get there,” said Craft.

That’s something Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn is actively addressing. That’s a big reason United States Department of Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood will be in Tampa on Thursday.

His office released a statement saying, “Though bicyclists and pedestrians in Tampa continue to face significant challenges, the city is now actively taking steps to improve infrastructure for biking and walking and to educate drivers and cyclists about safely sharing the roads.”

“I mean, it’s obviously better for our environment, it lessens our carbon footprint, it’s healthier for people, we just want to make sure that when they get out on the roads the vehicles know that they have to respect the bicyclists,” said Buckhorn.

Secretary Ray Lahood also applauds Mayor Buckhorn for his bike sharing program which is set to begin in the fall.

Minneapolis is the only other city that will be hosting a bike safety summit.