A gym in Bradenton without a tennis court is attracting top tennis players from Colombia to come and train.

Robert Farah, Santiago Girlado, Alejandro Falla and Juan Sebastian Cabal have an exciting few weeks ahead of them. Soon, they will be playing in the U.S. Open in New York and the Davis Cup in Japan.

To get in shape before the tournaments, they have been on the court and at the Fit Crew in Bradenton.

At Fit Crew, they have been receiving high-intensity workouts for about three hours a day for four weeks. Tennis champion Robert Farah says because of the workouts he is ready for the weeks ahead.

“I feel like in the gym, we are always working in a high-intensity," he said. "We usually don’t work out like that. It’s a lot of intervals. We do hard work, but then we rest a lot. Here, you do a lot of work, but they don’t let you rest that much. So I feel like it works for your cardio too.”

Niels Renzenbrink, the gym's co-owner, will be traveling with the tennis players to both tournaments to help them maintain their training.

The tennis pros will be traveling this week to compete in the U.S. Open. From there, they will go to Tokyo to compete in the Davis Cup.