Leo Orr and his four children were cooling off at the swimming pool at their new apartment complex Sunday evening.

A fun day in the sun took a terrifying turn when Leo, who is hearing impaired, saw his three year old son Loretto’s head go under water.

Orr used sign language and a pen and paper to describe to us what happened.

“Somehow Loretto's head went under the pool and his eyes were moving,” wrote Orr.

Pat Haley lives in a unit near the pool. She called 911 but Leo could not understand her.

At the time, Haley said they didn't know Orr couldn't speak or hear.

Unable to scream for help and not knowing what to do to help his son, Leo put his son in his car and started driving.

“I took him and ran to the car and saw the cops. I run to catch the cops. I was afraid and crying,” wrote Orr.

He approached 4th St. and Gandy Blvd. where he spotted police officers working an accident.

Leo pulled over, took Loretto in his arms and ran towards the officers hoping they could save his son’s life.

"I see a father running southbound through the intersection carrying a lifeless child,” said Sgt. Keith Peaton who works for the St. Pete Police Department.

Sgt. Peaton was supervising the accident. He relied on his training to help the little boy.

"I took the child in my arms and when I took the child, the child was completely wet. So I assumed, since I could not communicate with him, I assumed that it was a drowning,” said Sgt. Peaton who began trying to resuscitate the 3-year-old.

He was able to get Loretto breathing again and his fellow officers called for an ambulance.

“Thank God he is safe, my son is fine! Thank you all. I love you,” wrote Orr.