On Sunday, 12 young girls who are battling cancer got the opportunity to put their struggles behind and enjoy a day of pampering.

The special day was put together by the Pediatric Cancer Foundation. Each girl got her hair and makeup done as well as the opportunity to model several outfits.

Sandra Raab will soon have to take her daughter back to the hospital for treatment for Kidney cancer, but she is glad this weekend is about her daughter, Eva.

“It's great for them to have something to get their minds off the fact that we have chemo on Tuesday,” said Raab.

The young girls will get to model some of the outfits at next month’s upcoming fashion show fundraiser. The money raised at the fashion show will go towards cancer research.

One mom is glad the foundation has put such event together. Her daughter Isabella battled with the disease since she was 21 months old.

“It’s just awesome to see," said Isabella's mom. "She is two and half years old and she is grown up, and made it through and now I get to watch her have fun.”

Tickets to the fashion funds show will cost $100.