Clearwater is showing itself off this week to a major world championship event.

The 2014 RSX Youth Windsurfing World Championships are on Clearwater Beach this week.

Local restaurateur Frank Chivas helped organize the event. Nearly 100 kids from 20 countries and four continents are all racing for a world championship.

“Usually takes about two years to plan, we did it in a couple months,” said Chivas.

The kids were supposed to race in Israel but the conflict in Gaza forced the last minute change.

“It gives us a chance to showcase Clearwater Beach and the Tampa Bay area,” added Chivas.

Chivas said event officials made the call to Clearwater when they decided to move the event.

Racing starts Monday but Clearwater has already landed the 2017 adult version of the event.

Brenno Francioli is competing from Brazil.

Saturday he readied his board for races this upcoming week.

“It’s perfect," said Brenno Francioli, windsurfer. "When I arrived I said, 'oh my God, is it true?' It’s great, great sand, beach is perfect, the weather is hot, it’s everything we want.”

Tucker McElwaney will not be staying at a beachside hotel this week.

He’s a local kid from Clearwater, getting the chance to compete in this world championship.

“It’s very cool, you know, to tell all my friends 'hey we’re going to be windsurfing all week you guys can come out and see us, it’s a huge event,” said Tucker McElwaney.

The event is now an opportunity for Clearwater to showcase itself to this group of 2016 Olympic hopefuls from across the globe.

The opening ceremony is Sunday afternoon and there will be racing throughout the week with the finals on Saturday.