A man on a walk with his girlfriend in Spring Hill was hit by a reckless driver on Sunday.

Dannielle Gibbons, 25, was walking with her boyfriend, 44-year-old David Smith, on the shoulder of Landover Boulevard and Thornberry Drive when she saw a dark four-door sports utility vehicle speeding near them.

The SUV ended up leaving the roadway and crashing into Smith. The vehicle then sped off.

"I don't know how I wasn't hurt with him," said Gibbons. "Because we were basically holding hands when it happened, and he was ripped out of my hands."

Smith was sent five feet into the air, fracturing his skull, and was later taken to the hospital for his severe injuries.

Gibbons is hoping the reckless driver who sent her boyfriend to the hospital is soon found.

"I hope they are caught and justice is served and they get what they deserve," said Gibbons.

Any witnesses to this crash or anyone with information concerning the incident are asked to contact the FHP by calling 813-631-4020 or contact Crime Stoppers.