Julie Schenecker’s mental state was a main topic of testimony Friday as the defense began to present its case.

Schenecker is facing two charges of first-degree murder in the January 2011 deaths of her children Calyx, 16, and Beau, 13.

Schenecker, who has a history of depression and a bipolar disorder, has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. If found guilty, she could be sentenced to life in prison.

On Friday, the defense called her former psychiatrist to the stand, in addition to the family's cleaning woman.

Midway through the afternoon session, Schenecker became upset with the psychiatrist and shouted out in court at Dr. Demian Obregon.

As prosecutor James Pruner asked questions about Schenecker’s drinking while taking a large amount of prescription pills, Schenecker shouted out: "You told me I could have two drinks, and two oxys a day!"

Judge Emmett Battles immediately sent the jury out of the courtroom and advised the defense to calm their client down.

Obregon (a University of South Florida psychiatric fellow) who treated Schenecker starting in July 2010, confirmed his diagnosis of her: Bipolar 1 disorder, alcohol abuse, pathological gambling and cluster B traits (problems with impulse control and emotional regulation) were all listed.

Obregon testified about Schenecker's diagnosis, her medications and an August 2010 suicide assessment in which Schenecker said suicide was against her religion. He also said he considered Baker Acting Schenecker but never followed through with the action to commit her.

Earlier in the day, the cleaning woman, Michelle Frisco, testified about Julie Schenecker's behavior during the days before the murders, saying she did not see Julie drinking but did see her in bed on several occasions.

Frisco added that Schenecker "didn't seem like herself" after being in rehab in late 2010.

Frisco cleaned the Schenecker home the day before the murders.

She noted two things that day: The front door was locked - it was usually open for her when she came to clean. Also, Frisco said Julie took a shower and then laid in bed fully clothed with her eyes closed.

In cross-examination, Pruner said that Schenecker was clear-minded enough to leave a check for Frisco that day. 

Previously during the trial, the jury listened to a taped police interview with Julie Schenecker just hours after the murders of her children. Jurors listened to Julie Schenecker's own voice describing the killings in the interview with Detective Gary Sandel, taped Jan. 28, 2011.

Still, the question remains did she plan the killings - or was she insane at the time of the murders?

The trial is expected to last another week.