A father in Brandon is going above and beyond to help his son succeed one app at a time.

Andre Spivey is using his information technology background to create Android apps that his son and other autistic children can use for schoolwork.

“This helped my son," said Spivey. Maybe it can help yours, so let’s try let’s see what’s out there, let’s put more out there.”

Spivey created his own company called “Live 2 Learn Differently.” So far, he’s created about 20 apps, five are on the Android Marketplace.

Each is geared to help special needs children with their specific individual education plans.

“Whatever he learns in school is getting reinforced at home, or out and about when he’s playing with my phone," said Spivey. "Whether it’s just playing with regular games, he’s reinforcing the individual education plan.”

Success for Spivey is a little different. Money is nice, but he wants to help.

“I hope that it helps people, that is the ultimate goal," he said. "If it doesn’t you make millions of dollars, and you don’t help anybody, alright that’s great, but that’s just not me.”