Drones are gaining in popularity among the Tampa Bay area real estate industry.

Instead of using a helicopter to snap pictures of prime real estate, more realtors are turning to drones to give clients a different perspective.

"It's a lot crisper. It's cleaner and it's just faster," said Julia Sylva-Rettig, commercial real estate broker for Cushman and Wakefield.

But the Federal Aviation Authority has banned the commercial use of drones. The federal agency even fined some who used the unmanned aircraft.

Earlier this year, a judge ruled the fines and ban unenforceable because there were no clear rules on drone use. The FAA is appealing that decision as the agency comes up with guidelines.

While many realtors haven't waited on the FAA's new guidelines, business owners that depend on drones said they welcome some rules in the air.

"I think some licensing and regulations will be beneficial for us as a company because this is a professional business for us," said Ryan English of Fly Motion Media.

The FAA could put regulations in place for commercial drone use by 2015.