Teachers from all across the country are in Tampa for the week to make music with electric guitars.

The teachers are using the STEM Guitar Building Institute at the Erwin Technical Center and HCC's Brandon campus to get educators empowered about the upcoming school year.

"I'm so energized about going back to my class, being able to incorporate what I'm learning here today," said Tim Nolan of Freedom High School.

Tim Nolan is one of a dozen Hillsborough County and teachers from all across the country who are using the workshop to strum up new techniques for teaching science, technology, engineering and mathematics to students.

"The basic mathematics start with geometry in terms of the design of the instrument, that can be the headstock," said Thomas Singer of the STEM Guitar Building Institute. "We can also use algebra on the fret board. The spacing of the frets is algebraic but it's also logarithmic."

The educators are completing what will be a 16-week course for students in only five days. But they say it will be worth it, if the students get excited to learn about STEM.

The teachers will showcase their work on "Rock Star Friday" at HCC's Brandon campus.