A Seminole man is accused of stealing almost a half million dollars from his elderly mother while trustee to her estate.

Detectives say Richard Alan Kess, 65, became the sole trustee of 95-year-old Nancy Kess' trust after she was confined to a local assisted living facility in October 2011.

Over the course of two years, detectives say Richard Kess drained his mother's accounts at an alarming pace of approximately $30,000 a month.

Detectives say he spent the money on things like strip clubs, airline tickets, tattoos, and sports bars.

Detectives say they were tipped off by family members who became concerned about the lifestyle Richard Kess was living and were suspicious of the money he appeared to have despite not working.

During the investigation and shortly after Nancy Kess passed away in May 2014, detectives discovered that changes were made to the victim's power of attorney documents.

Detectives estimate that Richard Kess spent a total of $483,682.54 of Nancy Kess' trust fund for himself.

Richard Kess was arrested at his home Thursday and charged with exploitation of an elderly or disabled adult. He was transported to the Pinellas County Jail without incident.