Cocoa Beach’s wish comes true Sunday, as a big celebration is taking place for the city’s favorite television show.

The city is celebrating 50 years of  “I Dream of Jeannie”

And the inaugural Cocoa Beach Half Marathon’s theme is all about Jeannie.

"They referenced Cocoa Beach constantly, because that’s where Tony and Jeannie lived," said Mitch Varnes, race director for the half marathon. "So I think Cocoa Beach kind of latched on to that and we’ve been known as the home of Jeannie."

I Dream of Jeannie Lane has been dedicated in Cocoa Beach, the setting of the 1960s TV comedy.

I Dream of Jeannie premiered 50 years ago, about a 2,000-year-old genie and her master, an astronaut from Cocoa Beach.

Very little of the show was actually filmed in Cocoa Beach, but the city still takes pride in it.

A street and yogurt shop are named in honor of the 1960s show.

Mayor Dave Netterstrom is presenting the show’s star, Barbara Eden with the key to the city Sunday, nearly two decades since her last appearance here.

“It certainly has brought great world name recognition,” said Mayor Netterstrom. “Most people associate the name Cocoa Beach from the show, so it’s just been a great symbiotic relationship.”
More than 170 runners are dressing up as the mid-drift exposing genie.

Eden will help award the best Jeannie-look-a-like.

She’s also appearing in a show Sunday night in Melbourne.

A coveted prize: Runners in the Jeannie half marathon will receive a Jeannie "bottle" medal for their efforts.