County commissioners will soon look at a possible crackdown on golf carts on some roads in Manatee County.

On Tuesday, county commissioners are considering an ordinance to remove them from Whitefield Avenue in Sarasota, Tara Boulevard in East Bradenton and El Conquistador Parkway in West Bradenton.

Currently all of these roads are designated for golf carts. If approved, this would change that.

Bob Bennett, a Palm Aire resident, is not happy about the possible change. He uses his golf cart daily to get around his neighborhood and to go to the golf course there. One of the main roads he travels on is Whitfield.

“We’ve been using Whitfield and we’ve never had an incident with golf carts going parallel to the traffic,” said Bennett. “So, we don’t understand why it’s not safe. It is safe. It’s okay.”

If approved, the golf carts would not totally be going away. The county may consider designating sidewalks for the carts.

In addition to the golf carts, county commissioners will also be considering raising the speed limit on 12 county roads.

The changes are being considered as a way to improve travel times and relieve congestion.