It's getting into crunch time as families plan out their Thanksgiving meal, but some families simply can't afford it.

The Pendas Law Firm is helping getting food on families' dinner tables by giving out 3,000 turkeys across the state.

"We realized very quickly how much this was not just an Orlando problem, but it was everywhere," said Lou Pendas, the president of the firm. "So, we recognized that and went ahead and tried to help as many as we could."

Pendas said the drive started seven years ago after a client of the firm confessed that he couldn't afford to go out and buy a turkey for his family for Thanksgiving.

Pendas bought the man a turkey. The lawyer then realized that in the middle of a recession, there likely were many more families that needed a little holiday help.

"It's just our humble way of trying to do something for the community," Pendas said. "(We're just) trying to give back to those who perhaps are not in the same financial situation as we are."

The law firm began giving out 1,000 turkeys. Each year, the number grew. The drive now extends to Jacksonville, Fort Myers and Tampa.

Hundreds of families bring chairs, blankets and coffee as they wait in line for hours for the free birds.

This year, the first person in line arrived just after midnight to stake out their spot.

Vinson Washington, who said his mother is in the hospital, got in line around 4 a.m.

"She broke her hip, so I'm just trying to help the family out," he said. "You've got to do what you've got to do sometimes."

Seven years ago, the Pendas Law Firm bought a turkey for a client who said he couldn't afford one. Now, the company gives away 3,000 across the state to families in need. (Julie Gargotta, Staff)

(Julie Gargotta, Staff)