St. Petersburg residents will have the opportunity to click their top Pier picks starting Monday.

The online survey will be available through March 6. Online participants will be required to enter their name, address, date of birth or voter identification number.  The survey is only open to St. Petersburg residents aged 18 or older.

The online poll will then ask you to pick up to three designs. You'll be able to click links to access more information about the concepts or go by the renderings and summaries shown on the survey.

"It’s effectively one question: Pick your top three," said Chris Ballestra, Managing Director of Development and Coordination for the city of St. Petersburg.

Ballestra says participants can vote on their smart phones or laptops. If you don’t have Internet access, he suggests heading to the public library.

"We really just urge the public to participate in this process," said Ballestra.

Ballestra says the selection committee will use the results of this survey, along with information from the technical review, to rank the top three designs.

That recommendation will be made to the mayor and City Council in March.