While millions of people watched as their favorite celebrities walked the red carpet at the 87th Academy Awards, others were sitting as they waited to hear who the night's big winners were Sunday night.

For months, James Neihouse spent time watching more than 90 movies. He wasn't just doing it for fun, though. Neilhouse recently became a member of the Academy, a 6,000-member group that votes on Oscar nominees.

"It was fun to go see all these movies, but it was kind of hard to pick one movie that was the best," said Neihouse, who lives in Brevard County. "I mean, that's what the Oscars are all about."

Neihouse was picked this year to become a member of the Academy. He said some of the films that impressed him this year include "The Theory of Everything," "The Imitation Game," and "The Grant Budapest Hotel."

Neihouse, a cinematographer working on documentary films in Central Florida, also teaches film students at Full Sail. He said being a part of the Academy will shape the way he works and how he teaches.

"Being exposed to the upper-level of film-making and being actually involved with that program sets my bar much higher," he said.

Neihouse is now a lifetime member of the Academy. He hopes he'll eventually see his work or one of his student's work garnering an Oscar nomination or win.