A pile of sulfur collapsed on an industrial worker and a front-end loader Friday, killing the worker, Hillsborough County Fire Rescue said.

The accident happened at 10 a.m. at 5740 Pembroke Rd. at the Port of Tampa.

Deputies say Joseph E. Lammlein, 45, of Palmetto, was using the front-end loader to move sulfur. While he was moving the sulfur, though, the 30-foot pile shifted and buried the front-loader.

The sulfur filled the cabin of the front-loader. Employees and responding deputies tried to dig him out, but to no avail.

Lammlein, who worked for Gulf Coast Bulk Equipment, died at the scene.

Crews were finally able to recover Lammlein's body four hours later.

The three deputies who tried to help dig Lammlein out were treated for exposure at St. Joseph's Hospital.

Officials from Occupational Safety and Hazards Administration responded to the scene to investigate.