Al-Qaida has been an ongoing issue since its inception.

And according to one former U.S. Senator from Florida, the terror organization was created within the borders of an ally’s country.

During an appearance on a nationally-seen political broadcast, former U.S. Senator Bob Graham said, “We know that Saudi Arabia started al-Qaida.”

PolitiFact Florida heard the claim and gave it a HALF TRUE rating on the Truth-O-Meter.

PolitiFact writer Josh Gillin says that’s because it has to do with money.

Al-Qaida was created just after the Russians moved into Afghanistan in 1979 to fight what they called “invaders.” In the process, other countries, including the United States and Saudi Arabia, started funneling money to the group.

Later, when Osama bin Laden broke away to create and alternate group, money continue to be funneled to the fighters.

”There were people in Saudi Arabia and other countries giving money to these fighters, and this is the group that became al-Qaida,” Gillin said.

For that reason, Graham’s statement received a HALF TRUE rating.

SOURCES: Saudi Arabia created al-Qaida, Graham says