A Bay area woman is inspiring others to walk with her for justice. Her mission? To make running a red light a reckless driving offense under state law.

  • Hundreds gathered at Al Lopez Park to support Angelique Cruz
  • She lost her baby after someone ran a red light in 2015
  • Now she's trying to change state law to make running a red light a reckless driving offense

Angelique Cruz was 34 weeks pregnant when a car accident changed her life forever. She was riding with her sister, who was also pregnant, when they were hit by a truck. The other driver ran a red light.  

The passenger side where Cruz was sitting took much of the impact. She was rushed to the hospital.

Doctors performed an emergency cesarean to try to save her baby girl. But according to the family, the child lived for only a few hours.

When Cruz woke up from a coma three days later, loved ones told her what had happeed. She says she still hasn't recovered from the physical and emotional injuries.

Her baby, Angley, would've turned one year old last month. Cruz's nephew shares the same birthday.

"She was taken from me," said Cruz.

On June 4 hundreds of supporters gathered at Al Lopez Park in Tampa. The walk only lasted until noon, but Cruz says she won't give up until the law has been changed.

She's started an online petition, and already has over 2,000 signatures.