The St. Petersburg Police Department found the boyfriend of a woman who was set on fire Tuesday. They say they just want to question the man though, not that he's a suspect.

  • Sheron K. Pasco set on fire at home
  • Police will question boyfriend, John Riggins
  • He was found in a vacant house nearby, also burned

Just before 8 p.m. officers say an argument happened inside a home on 24th Avenue South. At some point Sheron K. Pasco, 37, was set on fire.

Pasco's aunt nearby. She quickly placed Pasco into a bathtub to extinguish the flames.

Pasco was airlifted to Tampa General Hospital with severe burns covering her body.

Officersfound her boyfriend John M. Riggins, 37, at a vacant home nearby after searching for a few hours. He was taken to a nearby hospital for burns. Originally we were told he was a suspect, but now police say they just want to talk to him.

Police say no one saw who set Pasco on fire. She denies doing it herself. According to Pasco's uncle, she denied that Riggins did it. However, they were the only two people in the room.