Hillsborough County Fire Rescue crews rescued a 2-week-old kitten from a storm drain Sunday morning.

  • Firefighters rescue kitten stuck in storm drain
  • Caller said kitten had been there for two days

Just before 9 a.m., firefighters received a call about a kitten that was stuck in an underground storm drain on Huntfield Street in Tampa. The caller stated the kitten had been there for about two days.

When firefighters arrived they saw the kitten and immediately started rescue efforts.

At first, they tried luring the kitten out with food. When that wouldn’t work, they took a low pressure hose and sprayed lightly in the drain to get the kitty to move towards a net.

(Photo: Hillsborough County Fire Rescue)

Crews then used a fishing net to scoop the kitty out of the drain and turn it over to the owner.

(Photo: Hillsborough County Fire Rescue)