Erin Nesmith is a certified professional coach and energy leadership master practitioner.

On the home page of her new nonprofit group, Grow Into You Foundation's website, you’ll see the words, “You have something to offer.”

  • Erin Nesmith runs the nonprofit Grow Into You Foundation
  • She mentors teens who are close to aging out of foster care
  • 'They’re just waiting for somebody to care enough,' Nesmith says

For Nesmith, the focus on finding that “something” is 100 percent on foster kids.

“I recently started my nonprofit to go into foster homes specifically and coach teens that are close to aging out of foster care,” Nesmith said.

Everyday Hero host Bill Murphy met her at a foster home in Tampa, where she was introducing herself to a 16-year-old resident.

“I’ve been in foster care for three years,” he said. “My mom, she just doesn’t want to raise kids no more.”

Nesmith thinks that for these young people, a happy future is a great challenge.

“My mission is really to help them uncover the inner things that are going on, the blocks that may be there that would keep them from being able to reach their potential,” Nesmith said.

As she and a young man get to know each other and she explains her program, she's also planting the seeds for what will be regular coaching and mentoring sessions.

“(We provide) A place to process questions, ask for help and get advice, which is all of these things together — the coaching, and the mentoring and the getting to know each other,” Nesmith said.

“Their life circumstances have put them in a situation where if you’re willing to give them the time and you’re willing to hear them and you’re willing to see them for who they really are, they’re just waiting for somebody to care enough,” Nesmith said.