A UPS driver was arrested for grand theft on Wednesday after being caught on surveillance video stealing an iPhone X that he delivered to a St. Pete Beach home, according to a Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office report.

  • Jason, Mohn, 47, employed by UPS as seasonal driver
  • UPS terminated Mohn upon notification of arrest
  • Mohn being held in jail on $2,000 bond

“Never thought that somebody would come up by my porch and steal it,” said victim Jovita Acute-Parker. “Especially, the person that delivered it.”

According to the report, Jason Mohn, 47, delivered a package containing the iPhone X to Acute-Parker’s home at 5:37 p.m. on Tuesday. On the surveillance video, Mohn can be seen taking care to hide the package on the porch while wearing a UPS vest.

About two hours later, at 7:46 p.m., deputies said video shows Mohn return to the porch, without the UPS vest on, but otherwise wearing the exact same clothes. The video shows Mohn conceal the package under his shirt as he quickly leaves, according to the report.

Acute-Parker said she was in Orlando with her sister at the time and saw the theft live on her surveillance system.

“The minute my phone clicked, send me a message that there was motion detected on my porch,” she said. “We looked at the video and we saw the guy live stealing the package from the porch. So, I called 911 right away.”

The victim said it didn’t take long to solve the mystery.

“I asked my sister, look up the video of the guy that delivered it,” said Acute-Parker. “She was looking at the video and she’s like, ‘Oh my God, it’s the same guy. Same pants, same shoes, same clothes, same beanie, everything is the same.’”

Move the slider back and forth from the middle of the image to see the alleged thief at the home at the two different times.

Deputies said the next day, a UPS investigator found the stolen iPhone X at Mohn’s work area and he was arrested for grand theft. During his first appearance in court on Thursday, Mohn told the judge he started working for UPS last month.

UPS spokesman Glenn Zaccara released a statement in regards to Mohn:

“Mr. Mohn was a seasonal driver, not a permanent UPS employee. Upon notification of his arrest, UPS immediately terminated his employment.”

Zaccara also stated that UPS drivers have been trusted for more than a century.

“The company places the utmost importance on ensuring that all of our employees always conduct themselves with the highest degree of respect for our customers and their property.”

Mohn is being held in the Pinellas Jail on a $2,000 bond.

“It’s just that time of year that there’s just too much temptation,” said Acute-Parker.

Click on the video in the tweet below to watch the surveillance footage used to charge the suspect in the theft.