A runaway boat crashed into a dock in Snell Isle in St. Petersburg.

  • Runaway boat crashed into dock
  • The boat circled the water several times before crash
  • Two teens were tossed overboard

One resident captured video of the boat circling the water, with no one on board.

After circling a few times, the boat headed toward shore and crashed into Dee Ann Lawson’s dock.

The boat was also dragging an empty inner tube.

“Some of my neighbors had already called 911 and said they should be here,” Lawson said. “And that’s when it hit.”

The boat owner's two teenage sons were manning the boat at the time of the incident.

The boys were pulling each other around on the boat, when they were tossed overboard.

Both were safely pulled from the water.

However, the runaway boat left quite a bit of damage in its wake. In total, the boat hit three docks.