The stand your ground hearing regarding a fatal Pasco County movie theater shooting moved out of the courtroom Friday morning. 

  • DAY 5: Judge, attorneys visit Wesley Chapel movie theater where shooting happened
  • Curtis Reeves facing 2nd degree murder charges
  • Chad Oulson was shot and killed in theater in January 2014
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Meanwhile, back in the courtroom Friday afternoon, the wife of the man shot and killed cried when photos were shown of her husband's gunshot wound.

The judge and attorneys met at Cobb Theatre in Wesley Chapel where the shooting happened.

Curtis Reeves, 74, is facing second-degree murder charges in the Jan. 13, 2014, death of Chad Oulson. His attorneys are hoping to use a stand your ground defense, which is the purpose of the ongoing hearing.

Judge Susan Barthle actually sat in the same seat Reeves did and watched 17 minutes of the same previews from that day. She sat alone with the defense and prosecution sitting on opposite sides of the theatrer.

When court resumed in the afternoon, a forensic pathologist was brought in. While on the stand, photos of the bullet wound to Chad Oulson's chest were shown in court. His wife, Nicole, couldn't fight back the tears.

The argument between Reeves and Oulson, 43, started over Oulson being on his phone during the previews of a movie. The light was apparently bothering Reeves eyes, according to officials. The argument escalated to Oulson throwing popcorn at Reeves and Reeves pulling out his pistol and shooting the younger man.

The defense continued trying to prove Reeves was hit in the face by something. When the defense asked if an iPhone could leave a mark, Dr. Vernon Adams responded, "It could make a small laceration, yes."

The prosecution crossed, still not buying Reeves was hit by anything. Adams was asked, "Is there any injury to his nose that would be consistent with being hit with a blunt object like an iPhone thrown from a distance of approximately 20-30 feet away?"

Adams said no. He gave the same answer when asked about injuries to the orbital sockets of Reeves eyes, his forehead, his cheeks and his chin.

But Dr. Adams said it all depended on how hard an object is thrown to make a mark or not and that he didn't have a professional opinion when it came to the redness of Reeves eyelid shortly after the shooting.

Friday was day five of the stand your ground hearing. If Reeves wins the hearing, he will be immune from prosecution.

Reeves is expected to take the stand next week.