Hundreds took to the streets of downtown Tampa on Saturday to raise awareness about climate change and its regional impact.

  • People gathered to raise awareness about climate change
  • Participate say they are worried about recent executive orders
  • Rally coincided with march in Washington D.C.

The residents marched in solidarity with the people’s climate march in Washington D.C. They were standing up against a number of environmental issues including potential budget cuts to agencies across the country.

"We're here because climate change is real. We need to shift towards 100 percent clean renewable energy as quickly as possible," Jennifer Rubiello with Environment Florida said.

The concerned residents said they worry about the recent controversial executive orders signed by President Trump that they said opens up the doors to off shore drilling.

"President Trump has made it very clear that he wants to ramp up fracking efforts across the country not only on private lands but on public lands as well. The government has set aside private lands for protection and we believe that they should stay protected which means don't frack there," Michelle Allen with Food and Water Watch Florida said.

Those rallying in Tampa said they’re also concerned that the President has appointed a head of the Environmental Protection Agency that rejects the study of climate change.

"It's caused by humans so it's absolutely ridiculous that we have officials that are leading our country and steering us in extremely dangerous ways," Allen said.

The EPA has removed most of the information on climate change from it’s web site. A press release from the agency said the web site is being updated to “reflect the approach of new leadership”.

Earlier this week, the President signed an order calling for a review of a century old law giving him the power to set aside lands for federal protection. His administration has assured the order will not remove any monuments and does not weaken any environmental protections on any public lands.