Lightning struck a house off Glenridge Boulevard in the Sugarmill Woods subdivision in Homosassa Tuesday evening.

  • Lightning caused fire in attic
  • Citrus Fire Rescue put hole in roof to fight the fire
  • No other homes in area damaged
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"I know it's the lightning capital of the world, but what's the probability that it would hit us?" said homeowner Marsha Tepper.

Tepper said she and her husband were inside during an afternoon storm when the strike occurred.

"Suddenly I saw a huge white flash out of the back window, heard a crash that was incredible and my husband jumped up and we ran outside and we saw the solar panels for the pool smoldering on the top of the roof," she said.

The Teppers aren't sure exactly where the lightning hit, but it caused a fire in the attic. Citrus County Fire Rescue crews had to make a hole in the roof to put it out.

"They told us that had we not been home, had we not called the fire department as quickly as we did, we would have lost the house," Tepper said.

She said the fire fried the solar panels on the back of the house. The pool area lost power and a tree was destroyed, but she said they're thankful it wasn't worse.

"I don't think there are words to describe how grateful I am," said Tepper. "I mean, we have a home, we're alive, we're well, my bird is ok. I have no complaints and I'm just appreciative of Citrus County and their efforts."

No other homes in the area were damaged.