Police said a Pinellas Park man accused of a fatal hit-and-run committed suicide this week by jumping off the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.

Twenty-eight-year-old Ryan Mogensen faced a criminal trial for leaving the scene of a crash involving death.

Pinellas Park police confirmed Thursday that Mogensen parked his car at the top of the Skyway Bridge on Monday and jumped off. His body was found in the water on Wednesday.

Authorities say Mogensen hit and killed 61-year-old John Ryan, who was riding on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The incident happened May 30.

Mogensen took off from the scene, according to investigators, and tried to hide his damaged Corvette in his garage at a nearby apartment complex.

Robert Yoho was friends with Ryan and says he read Mogensen's suicide note.

"Not once did he show any remorse for what had happened about him hitting J.C. or whatever happened, and I just don't understand why he couldn't say he was sorry," Yoho said. "He didn't need to commit suicide. He just needed to stand up and face his punishment and move on."

Sgt. Mike Lynch said Pinellas Park police haven't seen something like this happen anytime recently and called it a tragic situation.

"We had a very good case," he said. "Our investigators worked very diligently and very hard to wrap up this particular case, and certainly the conclusion is not what certainly anybody ever wants."

Yoho said he feels bad for both families.

"J.C. is dearly missed and I'm sure that (Mogensen) is going to be missed by some of his friends and his family," he said.

Mogensen posted a $100,000 bond last month and got out of the Pinellas jail. He had a pre-trial court hearing scheduled this week.

Bay News 9 was unable to reach Mogensen's family for comment.