Pasco County crews on Monday tested water at 20 homes near the massive sinkhole that formed late last week.

Emergency Management said in a Monday afternoon email there was no evidence of contaminated water, but the county plans to work with the Florida Department of Health to determine if more testing needs to be done. Further testing results were to be released Tuesday afternoon.

Residents were fearing for their wells after the two homes that were destroyed had septic tanks that fell into the sinkhole.

"I woke up (Friday) to the Sheriff’s Office knocking on my door, telling me to leave as I watched the second house fall into the sinkhole," Rolf Hartwig said.

Hartwig and his family evacuated Friday. Their home sits only 300 feet from the sinkhole.  

Rolf was back Monday to check things out and was there for when the county began its water testing.

"We're testing for Ecoli, so if it's positive or negative an environmental lab will go through their appropriate agencies to take care of it,” said Ian Eppig, Emergency Management coordinator.

Nearby neighbors like Hartwig have concerns.

"There was a septic tank and all sorts of everything else that dropped directly into the water table next to my pump, my well pump, so there’s a lot of sketchy things that could happen," Hartwig said.

If other residents who are not part of the 20 homes want their wells tested the county will do it for $7.