Two Lakeland teens learned the hard way it’s not a good idea to throw eggs at anyone, especially a stranger.

  • "Egging" victim was Lakeland Police lieutenant Mike Lewis
  • Lewis was on lunch break in plain clothes when incident occurred
  • Arrest report shows teens had marijuana in car

According to Lakeland Police, Hunter Jones, 18, and John Stone, 18, were arrested Tuesday night for being involved in throwing an egg at a bicyclist on Lake Hollingsworth Drive.

Unfortunately for the teens, the victim was one of the department’s lieutenants, Mike Lewis.

“[The egg] hit me so hard I thought it was a Coke can or something,” Lewis said.

The arrest report indicates Stone threw the egg at Lewis while Jones drove the car.

Lewis said he was on his lunch break in plain clothes when it happened.

“When I realized they had hit me with something, that’s when I started chasing them," Lewis said. "Like I said, they turned up a side street, so I just pedaled as hard as I could, going up the road, pulling out my cell phone, calling an officer, all at the same time.”  

This photo provided by Lakeland Police shows where Lieutenant Mike Lewis was struck by the egg. (Lakeland Police)

The competitive mountain biker said he probably got up to speeds of 22 miles per hour chasing them until other officers could arrive.

“No, I did to think it was funny at all,” said Lewis.

Lewis did say, however, that the situation could’ve been much worse.

“It could’ve been very dangerous because like I said, I did lose my balance for a second there, and maybe someone who isn’t quite as experienced on a bicycle, they may’ve actually crashed,” Lewis said.

When officers caught the two young men, the arrest report indicates there was marijuana in their vehicle, along with egg cartons.

“It’s nice that we were able to instantaneously stop this and we’re glad, because based on the number of eggs in their car there probably would’ve been a lot more victims that night,“ Lewis said.   

As for their punishment for throwing the egg at him, Lt. Lewis said he’d like to see the two young men “get some community service and have to give back to the community, maybe even cleaning up some sidewalks.”

Lakeland Police charged both teens with two misdemeanor drugs charges. Stone was also charged with misdemeanor battery.