Filming for a movie featuring the city of Tarpon Springs got underway this week.

  • Film entitled "Epiphany"
  • Story highlights Greek culture
  • Release date expected Summer 2018

The directors, sisters Koula Sossiadis Kazista and Katina Sossiadis vacationed in Tarpon Springs every summer as children.  The pair said they had the location in mind when they wrote the script for their movie “Epiphany.”

“From the food to dancing, we feel that it is the best place to highlight our culture,” said Kazista.

The movie plot is centered around a young girl named Luca, played by actress Caitlin Carmichael.  The character comes to Tarpon Springs to reconnect with her estranged father, while getting accustomed to Greek culture. 

On days off, Carmichael said the cast and crew have been able to enjoy some of the local hot spots.

“We’ve loved eating at Dimitri’s and just getting fresh Greek food,” Carmichael said.  “My favorite is spanakopita.”

Filming will continue for the next several weeks and the movie is expected to be released next summer.