The current and former mayors of St. Petersburg paced the field in Tuesday's primary and will face on in the November general election.

With all the votes counted, Rick Kriseman had 27,322 votes (48.36 percent), according to the Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections. Challenger Rick Baker garnered 27,253 votes (48.23 percent).

They were separated by just 69 votes.

About 56,000 ballots were submitted, with about 37,000 of those mailed in. About 19,000 voters ventured into Tuesday's rain to cast their vote.

Had Baker or Kriseman received 51 percent of the vote, they would have won the mayoral's office outright.

The only other mayoral candidate to get more than 1 percent of the vote was Jesse Nevel (887 votes, 1.62 percent). Anthony Cates III, Paul Congemi and Theresa Lassiter filled out Tuesday's ballot.

Shortly before 8 p.m., Kriseman spoke about the results and looked ahead to November.

Kriseman thanked his family, friends and campaign team, plus mentioned President Barack Obama, who endorsed Kriseman last week.

"If Rick Baker is elected mayor, he will turn the clock back on St. Pete," Kriseman said. "He will take us back to an era of backroom deals.

"This city is all about moving forward," Kriseman said.

Baker started his remarks with a moment of silence for Hurricane Harvey victims in Texas, then introduced his family. His children were 4 and 5 years old when he last served as mayor.

He said Kriseman has "devastated our city in many ways."

"People talk about negative campaigning, but there are some just things you have to face." He also criticized Kriseman's handling of the city's sewage issues, along with spending.

"We knew we'd be in a fight," Baker said. "I've been saying it for the last couple weeks. It's was gonna get close to the end. I know it's going to get close. He's pulled out all the stops.

"He's had a press conference at City Hall every day and every kind of publicity that he can get. I'm ready for the fight. We can win it because it's about the future of our city and we're gonna fight for it." 


Justin Bean emerged from the crowded field in the District 6 race but it remains to be seen who he will face in Nov. 7. 

Bean collected 21 percent of the vote at 1,442. Gina Driscoll and Robert Blackmon each had 18 percent (1,215-1,211 votes). Maria Scruggs, 16 percent (1,079) and Corey Givens Jr., 10 percent (678) followed. 

Eritha Cainion had 7 percent of the returns with James Scott and Jim Jackson rounding out the field with 6 percent and 4 percent.