We all like to bargain hunt. But what if you can help people while growing your business. Everyday Hero host Bill Murphy explains how today's Everyday Hero accomplished both tasks. 

  • Ricky Marton starts 'Be Robin Hood' company to help others
  • Profits from company given back to charties, other causes
  • Check out Be Robin Hood

Ricky Marton is a recent graduate of Florida Southern in Lakeland. A few years ago he bought a shirt and learned that some of the money he paid for it was going to charity, and he thought, "I wish there was a place that whenever I needed something, I could just go there and buy it knowing that it would help out in some sort of charity or organization or some cause in general."

So, Marton started a company called "Be Robin Hood." The idea was simple: "To create a marketplace where people can go to shop different brands, sources, price ranges, styles and everything, knowing that all the purchase will go back to some cause, charity, or organization in the long run." 

The company was born two years ago, offering men's and women's clothing--caps, backpacks, accessories and more. And all the companies give back with every sale. 

"So one company, for example, removes a pound of trash from waterways. Another company gives a week of water to a child in need. Another one, it just goes on and on, kind of hitting an array of different charities basically or causes throughout the world," Marton said. 

Marton also has his own small line of items with 10% of the profits going to two charities. One in Peru and the other in Haiti. 

On a recent visit there he visited with a little friend. His future plans include building an orphanage and school in an African Village. 

"If you're adapting the "Be Robin Hood" lifestyle you're committed to making a change. Just make the world that much different and be just that much more of a hero to everyone else, because that's the whole idea of the company. It's not about me being the hero. It's about you becoming Robin Hood."