CHULUOTA, Fla. — A developer has submitted plans that could mean more than a thousand new homes in a rural area in eastern Seminole County, near the Orange County line.

The developer met with Seminole County staff Wednesday morning for the first time to talk about what he wants to build on what’s now just cow pasture land near Chuluota.

Residents like Wayne Kirkland have been fighting more development for years.

“When we moved here 25 years ago. It was just a quiet sleepy little town,” Kirkland said.

Kirkland says he’s not happy to hear about the developer’s proposed plans. Earlier this month, Chris Dorworth filed a pre-application with Seminole County, asking the county to consider rezoning nearly 700 acres of land just west of highway 419 from rural to planned development.

Developers met with county planners on Wednesday to discuss the plans for the development called “River Cross." It would include shops, restaurants and office space along with several types of homes – from estates to apartment homes.

Kirkland says he and his neighbors have for the most part lost previous battles to keep development from spreading into the rural areas around Oviedo and Chuluota, and he’s afraid it’s about to happen again.

“I’m pretty sure the commissioners will approve it because they want to see the development in the area,” Kirkland said.

Seminole County Commissioner Bob Dallari told Spectrum News 13 he’s committed to keeping the area zoned for rural use, which would prohibit the development from being approved.

Residents have planned a meeting to discuss the possible new development scheduled for Thursday, May 17 from 7 to 9 p.m. at the First Baptist Church of Chuluota.