ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- Allegiant Air is canceling St. Pete-Clearwater flights during the next couple of days. 

  • Allegiant canceling flights to and from St. Pete
  • Airline waiting on new planes
  • Allegiant Air

According to an airline travel advisory, the budget airline is canceling up to 12 flights as it awaits the arrival of new airplanes. 

Hundreds of passengers have been left scrambling to find new flights. Airline officials told the Tampa Bay Times it is working with passengers to get them refunds of rebook them on other flights. 

The flights involved include: 


• Flight 884 From St. Pete-Clearwater to Tulsa, Okla.

• Flight 885 From Tulsa, Okla. to St. Pete-Clearwater.


• Flight 824 from St. Pete-Clearwater to Des Moines, Iowa.

• Flight 825 from Des Moines, Iowa to St. Pete-Clearwater.

• Flight 866 from St. Pete-Clearwater to Pittsburgh, Pa.

• Flight 867 from Pittsburgh to St. Pete-Clearwater.

• Flight 882 from St. Pete-Clearwater to Grand Rapids, Mich. 

• Flight 883 from Grand Rapids, Mich. to St. Pete-Clearwater.

• Flight 926 from St. Pete-Clearwater to Providence, R.I.

• Flight 927 from Providence, R.I., to St. Pete-Clearwater.