ORLANDO, Fla. -- Bob Ward, the former Isleworth millionaire twice convicted in the death of his wife, was sentenced to 30 years in jail Thursday afternoon.

Ward has already spent six years and 95 days in jail for the death of his wife, Diane, in 2009.

He was also ordered to pay $50 each day he serves in jail.

Ward's daughter, Sarah, made a tearful plea on behalf of her father for a reduced sentence.

"I can't wrap my mind around a man serving more time in prison," she told Judge Leticia J. Marques. "Sending my Dad back to prison is a death sentence. ... This is not the life my mom would have wanted."

In February, a jury found Ward guilty of manslaughter for killing his wife, Diane, in their Isleworth home in 2009.

He was first convicted in 2011, but a judge threw out that verdict when it came to light that his lawyer didn't object when prosecutors presented evidence and asked questions pertaining to his right to remain silent.

Ward's sentencing was delayed last month after defense attorneys said they found a suicide note from Diane Ward that could prove her husband's innocence.

Ward claimed then and continued to say Thursday that his wife was dealing with depression. He and defense attorneys have argued that she had a gun, and when he tried to get it away from her, it went off, shooting her in the head. 

"It was just a tragic accident that she had clearly been preparing for." Sarah said. "In two trials Not one person who loved my mom has testified against my Dad."​​

Ward's attorney says the note discovered recently may be grounds for another appeal to dismiss this case and try it again.