ORLANDO, Fla. -- The two teenagers who were found guilty of manslaughter in the death of Roger Trindade have been sentenced to a juvenile justice center as opposed to doing hard time in a prison, a judge ruled on Friday.

It is not known how long Jesse Sutherland and Simeon Hall, who were charged as adults, will serve their time in the juvenile justice center, the judge stated.

The two teenagers are accused of attacking and killing the then 15-year-old Trindade in 2016.

Trindade was a Brazilian student who moved to the U.S. and was attending school in Winter Park. 

On a night in October of 2016, Trindade and a friend were hit with a prank spray in the face. They began following and asking the boy who hit them with the prank spray and that boy, called his friends and asked for help.

When Sutherland and Hall arrived, investigators say Hall instigated a fight and Sutherland punched Trindade with one fatal blow. The two boys were also allegedly seen spitting on Triade’s limp body.

Hall and Sutherland jumped on their bikes and confronted Trindade and his friend. 

"They spit on his dying body ... And now they are the victims?!" Rodrigo Trindade exclaimed Friday following the announcement of the Judges decision.

"We lost our only son's life and now they are going to do what? They will do one year, two years in jail? This is not acceptable! This is not right," he also said.

While Sutherland and Hall were both teens at the time. They are being charged as adults.

The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice is expected to conduct and evaluation on Hall and Sutherland later this month. Their recommendation for final Juvenile sentencing will be presented mid-July.