TAMPA, Fla. -- 14-year-old James Robitaille is helping hundreds of newborns and their families.

  • Robitaille created Operation Bags of Hope to help new mothers gathers supplies for their children
  • Robitaille is using this as part of his Eagle Scout project
  • To learn more and donate, visit his GoFundMe.

Robitaille is a Boy Scout who began "Operation Bags of Hope," which helps new mothers gathers much needed supplies for their children.

"My project is mainly for getting newborn and unexpected children different baby supplies that they'll need for their first few months," said Robitaille.

Robitaille is filling diaper bags and donating them to the New Life Solutions Ministry which will in-turn give them to young mothers. His goal is to fill a hundred bags. 

"Big baby necessities like diapers, wipes, baby lotion and different creams to help with rashes and that kind of stuff,” said Robitaille.

Robitaille relies on donations to purchase the supplies for his bags. The materials come at a sizeable cost. 

"When I first budgeted it out all the material alone, everything, cost $3,000," said Robitaille.

Robitaille will be the youngest person in his troop's history to advance from Boy Scout to Eagle Scout. He says he plans to begin a career in politics and hopes to one day become the govenor of Florida. 

When asked about being a hero, Robitaille replied with the sincere honesty of a 14-year-old.

"It really makes me feel good. Ever since I was little I was wanting to be a super hero. Whether to be the next Spider-Man or Superman. But I think what I'm doing is going to surpass whatever they do," said Robitaille.

To donate or learn more, click here.