VALRICO, Fla. -- A Hillsborough family got a rude awakening last night when a pickup truck crashed through a cinder block privacy wall and plunged into their swimming pool.

  • Driver crashes pickup truck into swimming pool
  • Truck also hit stop sign, cinder block privacy wall
  • Driver was able to escape vehicle

The driver crashed into several items, inlcuding a stop sign and a neighborhood sign, before landing in the deep end of the pool.

He was able to escape the vehicle, according to authorities. 

While this is the first time a vehicle has ended up in a pool in the Bloomingdale neighborhood, residents say that this isn't the first time someone has crashed into the sign and wall. 

"This sign is been messed up before," said Alex Cameron. "I'm not sure when, but they did replace it once. This when you can tell it was an accident probably speeding or something like that."

No word yet if the driver has been charged.